Our History: Amy Fallucca founded Bravent in 2016 because she believed that having access to an expert advisor during the process of changing jobs would lead to amazing outcomes for both the job seeker and the employer. After spending some time working with clients, Amy discovered that the hiring process at so many companies is, unfortunately, very broken! She decided to shift the focus to corporate Human Resources consulting work with the mission of improving hiring and general HR practices.

The business has grown exponentially by word-of-mouth since then. Today, our team works with small- to medium-sized companies across the US in a wide range of industries.

What’s Up With the Name? And How Do I Say It?! Bravent is a combination of “Brave” and “Confident” - developed from our roots in Career Coaching. Today, we strive to help our clients be Brave and Confident in their careers and business operations. It is pronounced “BRAVE - INT.”

Our Mission - We solve business problems with human resources solutions. We bring a blend of business acumen, strategy, and tactical HR skills to companies that either don’t have HR in-house or are lacking a particular skill set.

Our Vision - Our vision is to retain top talent in the workforce by creating flexible, part-time professional jobs. We believe this will lead to more diversity in the boardroom and the C-suite.

Our Values

•    Curiosity – We love learning new things and are curious in nature. We understand that our clients hire us to help them achieve business objectives. We ask about the “why” behind our work to gain expertise and recommend alternative courses of action.

•    GSD - We have a “get shit done” mentality. (Yes, you just read a swear word on an HR company’s website!) Results and drive are valued over talk and theory. We strive to deliver awesome outcomes in the most cost-effective, efficient way possible.

•    Collaboration – We work to build networks and help others without expecting anything in return. We are transparent with our clients about challenges and concerns. We operate as business partners.

•    Balance – It’s important to balance time and energy between your personal and professional goals and responsibilities. One may be more important than the other at certain times, and that is ok!