Increase Your Earning Potential
We will help negotiate offers to ensure you earn a compensation package that is competitive for the market and your skill set.

Leverage Local Network Connections
We have developed a robust network across the United States, with a heavy concentration in the Midwest. Whenever possible, we will leverage these connections to help you gain exposure at top workplaces where getting a foot in the door can be extremely difficult.

Increase Your Application to Interview Ratio
We will help you get more interviews per application through profile customization and targeting the right opportunities for your skills.

Find the Right Fit
Through assessment, coaching, and reference checks on potential employers, we will help you find a work environment that is a great match for your needs, personality, and work style.

Save Time & Energy
Sifting through job boards, drafting applications and debating over who to contact is draining and time consuming. We can cut through the noise and complete some of this leg work for you.

Dedicated & Caring
We take a personalized approach to our work which has help us gain the trust and respect of thousands of job seekers over the years.

Team members have achieved a variety of industry certifications including Society of Human Resource Management – Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), Professional Human Resources (PHR), and Elite Recruitment Expert (AIRS-ERE).

Unbiased, Honest Advice
We will work for you, and only you, to find the best fit. We do not take compensation from employers for placement. Our recommendations will always be based on what we believe is best for you.

No need to put on a show like you would with recruiters from employers or agencies. Our relationship will be a safe place to express desires and concerns (both ways). Transparency and candor will ensure the best outcome for you.